Success Stories

Leah N.

Age:  46               Occupation:   Stay at home Mom

Why did you start coming to Dr. Jon Paul Schieber? Lower back pain  


Have you seen any results? If so, what? Yes, my back has hurt on and off for years.  Jon Paul does the "adjustments", the machines and he taught me specific stretching exercises.  My lower back has gone from a '6' (scale 1-10 being the worst) to 1 2 and sometimes a "0"!


What do you like about the office? Jon Paul and Debbie are very friendly and warm.  Jon Paul is dedicated to preventative health.  


Have you ever been to a Chiropractor before? No, this is the first time.


What was your biggest hesitation about going to the Chiropractor? I didn't know if it would help, and didn't want to waste time/money.


What was your biggest surprise about your experience at Schieber Chiropractic? That I look forward to my appointments!  


Is there anything else you would like to add? I am trying to do things in a way to keep my back feeling good; good posture, stretching, even sleeping in a different position.  All of these things, along with my Chiropractic appointments have improved my back a lot.  I feel confident coming to see Jon Paul.